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ColourPop Hanky Panky Super Shock Shadow

By 7:57 PM

Hanky Panky from ColourPop is one of those colors that you see online and are just underwhelmed by.  In a sea of bright, beautiful, shimmering colors, this kinda gets lost.

It's $5.00 for 2.1 g container of the product.  It's made in the US and they do not test on animals.  This product is vegan.  It is a mousse cream powder formula.

As always, they include a cute little card.  It's just a nice touch.

Hanky Panky
Hanky Panky is a basic cool toned matte taupe.  It's a bread and butter sort of shade.  You know, not anything dramatic or special, just one of those things that you find yourself using every day.  

I wasn't wowed but the matte shades.  They are not highly pigmented for the most part, but at the same time it kinda works with the formula.  It's very confusing.  This color probably won't work on everyone.  For people with skin tone like mine it's great to blend out the crease color.  It can even work as a contour color if that's how you're feeling. For people darker it will either not show up or be okay as a lid color.  

I think this is a color that will be either a utility shade or a waste of money to you.  For me it works, but I can honestly see it just not showing up on everyone.

* No hanky panky came to me without a trip through my bank account.

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