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ColourPop Erotic Pressed Pigment

By 5:40 PM

I've mentioned before that I have big plans for an over the top look for the 4th of July. I want red, white, and blue eye-shadow.  When I saw Erotic I had a whole moment of excitement.  You know the one where you've found what you're looking for and you want to bask in that moment.

ColourPop's Erotic Pressed Pigment is described as a "neon candy apple red with sparkling pink and copper glitter."  Sounds like what I wanted, no?  No.  It's more of a bright watermelon pink red.  It's still pretty, but it's not the candy apple of my dreams.

It is that lovely mousse powder formula and is $5.00 for a .07 oz container.  It is made in California and is not tested on animals.  This particular color is vegan, most are supposed to be but there are a couple hand fulls that are not.  They ship to the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Virgin Islands.

This is the second pressed pigment I've tried and like the previous one, the pigmentation isn't quite what I would have hoped.  It needs some layering to really bring out the red and to bring to full opacity.

It's a pretty color and I do like it, however I was disappointed that it wasn't actually red and the pigmentation isn't really there.  I'm thinking it might be a pressed pigment formula issue.  If you want more of a pink red, this will be a good color.  It has good lasting power and may stain just a tiny bit.  It doesn't have much fall out.

* I paid for my own Erotic moment.  No one surprised me with this.

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