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ColourPop Too Shy Super Shock Pressed Pigment

By 7:59 PM

This next color definitely isn't for the shy.  I picked it up as a gift for Mother's Day for my boyfriend's mom (she looks amazing in blues) and I fell in love with this color.  It was so hard to pry this from my fingers and give it as a gift.  I'm made from stern stuff, so I managed.  I did purchase it for myself the second I got the chance.

It's ColourPop's Super Shock Pressed Pigment in Too Shy.  It's $5.00 for a 2.1 g container.  It is a beautiful cobalt blue with an iris shift.

Can you see that magic?  Oh it's so pretty.  It has the same texture of the other ColourPop shadows.  It's somewhere between a cream and a powder.  If you love blue eyeshadow, this is going to be your friend.  Desi Perkins wears it in this Electric Blue Smokey Eye.  Jackie Aina mentions it in her Top Colors for Chocolate Gals video. Katie Saccomanno uses it in her Bold Blue Eyes tutorial.

Too Shy
The pigmentation isn't quite all that I hoped for and definitely has to be packed on to reach full opacity.  It is loaded with silver, blue and purple glitter.  It isn't the best color with my eyes, which are green.  It looks much better on brown or blue eyes.

Maybe it's the formula, but at the end of the day I noticed blue color and glitter fall out under my eyes.  Nothing horrible but still enough to look almost bruised.  I am very pale though, so if you are darker, you might not notice this.  I think this one may benefit from a good base and maybe a setting spray.

I still like this color and it's stunning in its duo chrome wonderousness.  However, it doesn't have the pigmentation or the staying power of some of the other ColourPop shadows.  If you love blue shadows, that might still be worth it for you.

I did end up wearing this for the 4th of July over a base.  It ended up lasting all night and looking very pretty.

* I got Too Shy on my own.  No one purchased it for me although I might have hypnotized myself into purchasing it by making it change from blue to purple in the box.

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  1. The formula problems are from it being a pressed pigment - which isn't necessarily safe/meant for the eyes, but they aren't forthcoming about that in the listing for it :(