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ColourPop Topanga Lippie Stix

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I'm not going to lie.  I totally had to have this because of the name.  It was pure nostalgia.  If you don't know, Topanga was a main character on a show called Boy Meets World that aired on TV in the '90's.  Completely unrelated but Danielle Fishel, the woman (then girl), who played Topanga had the most amazing hair.  I remember reading back then that she used Bumble and Bumble thickening shampoo and I always wanted it.  Gotta say, I didn't get her hair when I finally got to try it.  Stupid genetics!  Although, my sister has wonderfully thick and gorgeous hair, so the gene is there, it just skipped me.  Stupid luck!

Lonely box
So, back on subject!  Unlike most of the ColourPop's Lippie Stix, Topanga does not have a matching pencil.  It is $5.00 for a 1 g stick.

Did you know Topanga means "where the mountains meet the sea?"
ColourPop is made in California and cruelty free.  Although ColourPop does say that all of its Lippie Stix and Pencil are vegan, Topanga does contain carmine.  To me that's not a big deal, but for some people it might be. *EDIT* I did message ColourPop about the carmine and they explained that it is a "composite list" and that any product that does contain carmine will be mentioned in their FAQs.  I also mentioned the whole thing in my Fern review.

Topanga is a beautiful dusty coral.  It is in their satin finish and is very comfortable to wear.  It is long lasting and I still had this on eight hours into my day although it was some what faded.  It faded well though, not patchy or weird.

The character name came from a canyon the executive producer was driving by when production called
The color has good pigmentation and nearly covers my birthmark.  It has a lovely glow to it that just looks fresh and summery.  It is wearable by people with cool undertones, but would be gorgeous on medium skin tones, especially those with warm undertones.

* No one decided to indulge my nostalgia by giving me Topanga.  I bought this myself.

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