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Makeup Geek Baby Face Eye-Shadow Review

By 6:29 PM

I know I'm going to break your heart today, but I won't be reviewing a ColourPop product.  I know, you're devastated.  How about I make it up to you by throwing in some Makeup Geek?

I was watching vintageortacky's May Favorites video.  She mentioned a Makeup Geek eye-shadow that just...  I wanted it so bad.  So, I made an order because there were a few things I wanted.

Much like Hanky Panky by ColourPop, it's not one of those shades you're going to see and die because it's the most stunning thing of life.  It is just a super useful shade, back to that whole bread and butter thing.

When I did martial arts we were told that all of our knowledge was in our tool box and those were things we could use at any time.  But we also had our bread and butter and those were our tools that we excelled at, things we could use often and they just work.  It could be all you need.  That's why this is bread and butter, it just works well.

It's the new Makeup Geek shade in Baby Face.  It's $5.99 for a 1.8 g tin of the eye-shadow in a refill pan that fits nicely in a Z-Palette.

Baby Face
It is a pale shade of creamy brown with a grey under tone.  It is cool leaning and matte.  You would think nothing of this shadow.  You would pass this by but it's wonderful!  Like MAC's Grain but in no way even remotely a dupe.

On some people this will be a nice matte high light or even a basic lid color.  On me this almost blends into my skin and is the perfect shade to blend out eye-shadows and it takes my blending to the next level.  It blends very well.  I actually like the formula of this matte, it's very creamy and will make a mess in your palette, make sure to tap out your brush.  It has the Three Little Bears of pigmentation, it's just right.

I really like this color.  It might be a touch too cool for some people or turn ashy.  But for me? I ♥ this!

* I bought my Baby Face with my own money with only the unwitting influence of Cora.  No one sent me a baby face or wanted me to play with baby face.

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