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ColourPop Toucan Lippie Stix

By 11:31 PM

Yay more ColourPop!  For summer ColourPop released some truly beautiful shades.  Everyone knows it's not summer til you pop coral.  I might have just made that up two seconds ago.  However, coral is practically eponymous for summer.  So, when I saw Colourpop's Toucan, I knew I had to have it.


Unlike most of the lipsticks I have from ColourPop this one did not have a matching lip liner.  It's not the end of the world. Before ColourPop I had one or two lip liners.  Now, I have bunches!  Toucan is a bright pink red coral and it's a very lively color.

It is made in California, not tested on animals, smells like vanilla, and is a matte formula.  It is $5.00 for a 1 gram stick.  The shape of the stick helps it stay at a point and aids in the application of the lip product.

 It applies very creamy and for the first hour or so there will be transfer.  But it does dry down to a matte and after that, you are locked in.  It stays on very well.  You can make it through an eight hour work day in this color and then go out for cocktails (or beer) after, although at that point you may be wanting some lip gloss or chap-stick because your lips will feel dry.

The pigmentation on it is good.  It is on the warmer side but not unwearable by cool toned people.  This is part of their summer collection and as such is limited at this point.  So, if this is a color you want in your life, you may want to step up and purchase it.  I do like this color, it's perfect for summer, but as it is warmer it's not my most favorite shade of life.  I think darker skin tones would look gorgeous in this color!

* Toucan Sam did not deliver this Lippie Stick in a flutter of colorful plumage.  I bought this myself with my own $5.00.

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