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ColourPop Liberty Super Shock Shadow

By 9:13 PM

This next shadow was one that I was very excited about.  I saw it in action in this Icy Blue Smokey Eye by Desi Perkins and this New Year's Eve look by LustreLux.  LustreLux is another one of those people who could talk me into just about anything.  This is the ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in the color Liberty.

Like the other Super Shock Shadows this is 2.1 g for $5.00.  ColourPop is made in California and does not test on animals.  It has that same mousse/powder that you really have to feel to understand.

Unlike any other shadow of theirs that I have seen, this is an Ultra-Metallic formula.  Oh boy is it.

The Ultra-Metallic formula is a horse of another color entirely.  It is not glittery.  It is like liquid silver poured onto the skin without the pain and the Game of Thrones golden crown horror.  It is very pigmented.  Because I am slightly chicken at times, I prefer to wear this like EnKayBeauty does and use it as a liner.  BabsBeauty uses it very subtly on the inner portion of her lower lashes in this video.  It is beautiful.  I was very impressed and intimidated by this shadow, but I cannot wait to play with it some more.

This might be too intense for some people.  But as you can see, there are ways to use it where it isn't completely over the top.  If you like a walk on the metallic side, this shadow and you will get along famously.  It has great lasting power and it still amazes me that this was only $5.00.

* No one decided to liberate me from plain silver shadows.  I bought Liberty with my own sterling.

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