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ColourPop/Kathleen Lights Where the Light Is Palette

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So, Kathleen Lights also collaborated with ColourPop to make an eye-shadow quad.  They called it the Where the Light is Palette.  Like Shaaanxo's palette, it's $20.00 for four  .07 oz eye-shadows.  They are made in the USA and not tested on animals.

Cute packaging
I adore Kathleen, so even though this is shamelessly warm, I knew I was going to purchase it eventually.  Jaclyn Hill used it here, BabsBeauty used it here, and Ashley Honeywood used it here.

The little pots of light are encased in a white box from which I eagerly liberated them.  In this palette there are two matte shades, one pearlized, and one metallic, nearly running the gamut of the available formulas.  The consistency is the wonderful cream and powder had a baby.

Our first shade is a matte and for people that are not my skin tone this would make a great highlight.  On those that are similar to my skin tone it would be good to transition between shadow and highlight.  The color is Glow and is very creamy.  It's a nice vanilla color.  It's nice to have a matte highlight, especially with all of the glittery shades.  It has okay pigmentation.

The second matte shade is a warm caramel color.  It is named after one of her dogs (her favorite) which is totally adorable.  It has decent pigmentation and blends out well.  This color is good in the crease and is very similar to the XO palette color Selfie.  Both are very good for warming up a cool look, Cornelious leans a little more brown and Selfie a little more peach.  Pigmentation on both is similar.

The third shade in the palette is a pearlized formula and is the color Kathleen named after herself, KathleenLights.  It is a gorgeous copper color.  Like liquefied new penny.  It is very creamy and highly pigmented.  This would be a stunning summer liner if the copper look is too bright for your personal taste for an eye-shadow.

  The last shade is the only metallic formula.  It's Blaze.  Blaze is medium-dark bronze with gold glitter.  It has good pigmentation.  It is also warm toned, leans more neutral which makes it very wearable.  It is long lasting and has minimal fall out.  As with the other colors, I did not notice any creasing.  Of the colors, I think was my favorite.

Even though this palette was warm toned, I did like it.  KathleenLights had the best pigmentation.  I think Blaze and Glow wear the most wearable for cool toned people.  Cornelious and Glow are the more patchy colors but they are the matte formulas and those aren't the best in most eye-shadow brands, this is a problem that ColourPop has as well.

*  No one turned on the lights for me.  I purchased this palette on my own.

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