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ColourPop Swan (Rumer Has It) Super Shock Shadow

By 9:16 PM

After Tassel, I was pretty sure I didn't need another white glittery shade.  How many do you really need?  Apparently, more than one.  I was watching YouTube and Victoria totally convinced me, I needed this other color ><

Are you a Swan?
BiohazardousBeauty is someone who has the same super pale with pink undertones skin that I have and has told me when she comments back in her YouTube videos that she is over bronzer.  I feel that.  She has a droll tone that I like.  She had a haul and then I was like...I just bought a ton and I told myself that I didn't need any more.

I didn't think I needed anything from the Rumer Has It collection.

 I must have been lying to myself.

 Grey tones have this tendency to look too blue on my skin and while I like blue, it doesn't work 100% with green eyes.  Or if I want a grey smoky eye, it looks like I went all blue up in that.  The Rumer Has It collection is built to be a grey smoky eye.  So I was like...ehhhh.

Plus, I just bought Tassel.  Tassel is a white glitter and Swan is a white glitter.  I mean they are so different!  Swan is slightly more pink and a touch less glittery.

Left to Right: Swan vs Tassel
ColourPop's Swan is $5.00 for 2.1 g and is in their Satin Luxe formula.  It is long lasting, decently pigmented, and has only a small amount of fall out.  Once the glitter is gone, it has a pretty opal sheen.

Lonesome Swan
It's a little more friendly on the inner corner than Tassel but they aren't so different that it would matter a huge amount.  Either way you'll like it, you might not need both though!

* I got swanned all by myself.  No one sent me swan for fun or glory.

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