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LA Splash Ghoulish

By 3:03 PM

As my hunt for the perfect dupe for a certain greige lip color is on, you had to know this was coming after I tried LA Splash's Hidden Desires.  The packaging is very simple and it's nice because you don't feel as though you're paying for the packaging.

LA Splash has two formulas of their Ghoulish Lip Couture.  They have OG Ghoulish and Ghoulish.  Ghoulish is their reformulated version and has more pink.  I purchased the regular Ghoulish.  It was $13.98 for a .10 oz tube.  I will probably buy OG eventually, but there is only so much I can reason having multiple brands of the same color, especially on my bank account.

Doe foot
The applicator is an extra long doe foot.  It does surprisingly well for application of the product, however, if you have issues with this, NikkieTutorials just made a How to Apply Liquid Lipstick Like a Pro video.  This video is great and will definitely help if you're having any trouble.

It does have an unpleasant scent, sort of like how your skin smells after a day at the pool.  But not strong enough to be chlorinated pool water.  It fades quickly.  It feels sticky and you will want to use caution if you layer as if you wait too long it will ball up and be weird.

Artificial Light
It is very long lasting and slightly uncomfortable (fairly normal with liquid lipsticks).  It does tend to dry out my lips, so I make sure to be really nice with moisture after wearing this color.

It feels different on your lips after drying, almost as though some sort of thin barrier is on your lips.  But it does last remarkably well through eating and drinking.  It will last through your work day.

I was impressed with the processing speed and the shipment.  It was very fast and I didn't feel like haunting my email account and getting all antsy waiting for shipping.  For a liquid lipstick this is pretty reasonably priced and I think over all the quality is pretty good.

* I got Ghoulish on my own.  The walking dead didn't attack me with this or try to force me to buy it.

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