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LA Splash Hidden Desires

By 3:25 PM

LA Splash is a brand that has been getting more attention due to a certain dupe it has produced.  But this isn't a story about that.  This is a story about how purple is awesome.  Um... I mean about LA Splash 's Lip Couture waterproof liquid lipstick in the color Hidden Desires.  It is 13.98 for a .10 oz tube.

Desires hidden in clear packaging
Hidden Desires is magenta and is a fun color for spring and summer.  The clear package is cheap and obviously a throw away.  The container is simple and goes with the gold most companies are putting out at this time.  I am okay with not paying for packaging.

Extra long doe foot
The applicator is an extra long angled doe foot.  At first I thought this might be awkward for application, but it made it very easy to apply.  The scent is horrid, almost like nail polish remover, but fades quickly.

Hidden Desires
Unlike most liquid lipsticks I have tried, this does not remove easily with oil, I actually had to massage it in.  It will last all day, through food, even some with a little grease, and will take some effort to remove.  It feels a little tacky at first and if you layer too much especial at different drying stages it may ball up.  It quickly doesn't transfer and while you will notice it's there, it's not highly uncomfortable, although it is a little drying.

Under artificial light

This color may make teeth appear a little more yellow, but not too bad.  It can be drying, so make sure to throw down some moisture and prep your lips well for this.  It seems to throw a bit of a moisture barrier up, so chap-stick does not feel like it's penetrating.  One coat application was quite opaque and mostly hid my birthmark on my lip.

It processed quickly and shipped fast as well.

It's great for summer.  I am happy with this purchase.  I'm not wild about the scent, but I can live with the few seconds I have to smell it.

* I bought my own Hidden Desires.

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